Bagnolo Farm
The wine of Bagnolo Farm still smells of the history of this land.

In June 1940 Donna Rachele took a fancy for this land and she bought it and the contract of purchase was signed by notary Zambelli on June 8th 1940. 

On October 8th 1947 the Criminal Court in Rome 10th section ordered the confiscation of all Mussolini’s property owing to several war crimes.

Ordinance from the Revenue Office in Forlì.
On December 22nd 1950 the property that Benito Mussolini and his wife had bought in the area of Forlì after July 25th 1938 was forfeit. Bagnolo Farm was part of this property.

After a long time, on October 17th 1978 Bagnolo Farm was put up for sale and Camporesi Silvano, my father, was the highest bidder.

It seemed that everything was settled as far as the property was concerned but owing to bureaucratic objections the property right of ownership came after 27 years, that is two years after my father’s death.

Today about a one-hectare vineyard is in this farm and the vines are planted in the same spot as they were in Mussolini’s time. From the grapes of this vineyard we produce a limited quantity of wine: “La Garitta del Duce”, “Bagnolo la terra del Duce” and "bagnolo di Rachele"

The historical papers can be looked at in our wine-cellar.